hen people look at your buildings, what should they see? Ideally, you and your vision. At Morphosis Inc Ltd., this is our ideal. Each project carries our individual stamp.

In the design process, we do not opine any preconceived images but rather direct our selves to rethink the issues in a critical manner trying to seek out an appropriate alternative to answer the problem with a unique solution. As a result, every piece of our design is in itself, a collective artifact from where the designer, the participants, and users begin their dialogue in the evolution of a functional, economical and aesthetically pleasing environment.

We explore the idea of consonance and its corollary, dissonance… the obvious, the banal, and the surprise of unexpected relationship among materials, forms, circumstance.

Devoid of any explicit formal reference or romantic nostalgia, our designs are always a deduction amidst a whole set of dialectical values. Morphosis, which has come to symbolize freedom from imposed ideological constraints, brings beautiful logic to the art of creating a pleasant, aesthetically balanced and enchanting environment.

We alter the notion of buildings as separate entities within their environment. Our designs invite you to envision the building and the environment as a kind of organism: an artistic execution in which buildings and environment share a singular theme. Each complimenting the other. In harmony, they express what once could have only been imagined: the integrated organic environment as you never thought possible.

Each aspect of design, from material to color to shapes: each becomes a pattern sewn into a larger fabric skillfully articulated into entire design language.

No matter the project, we offer an opportunity to let our imagination soar, thereby creating an environment not only meeting the specific needs of today but which will be relevant in years to come.